About US
Our company is a specialized platform that supplys Fresnel lenses. We manufactures and sells not only Fresnel lens products on the catalog, but also custom-made Fresnel lens products according to our customers' requirements in sizes and design.We provide customers with professional products and technologies,fast service and low prices.
Here, you can buy products as long as you leave your email address and contacts without registering, we will deliver the products as soon as possible.You can check your order with the client respond system which is on the home page of the website.
Our company will send the product after we receive the payment of the product.
About technology
Our company has high-precision Fresnel lens processing and testing equipments .And there are some professional technical engineers.If you have any technical queries,we will try our best to answer your questions.
About ordering goods
You can order online,our system will calculate the freight based on your address and products ,if you are going to require custom-made product or there is any dout ,please mail to us and we will reply you as soon as possible. Of course ,you can also phone us or email to order .
E-mail: sales@pmmalens.com
About payment
There are many payment methods,such as Paypal, Western Union,T/T and so on.,Chinese mainland customers can also use Alipay. Our company will send the product after we receive the payment of the product.
About member
Here,our members need to pay fees, then we will provide more service and more favorable price,and they can take precedence over the general customers with faster response and delivery.
There are also more free projects, please enter the Member area to view.
About service
We provide professional products, quality service, rapid response, and some technical advice.
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