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2  mm
Groove pitch:
0.5 mm
Focal length
-330   mm
Producing area:
Minimum Order Quantity:
1  Piece

What is wide angle rear window fresnel lens?
A clear wide-angle rear window fresnel lens is a thin flexible negative fresnel lens which adheres directly  with water to the rear window of your vehicle to provides driver a increased angle of full view. The lens enable you to actually see many objects under the rear window you can't see through inside and outside rear view mirrors.

Use the rear window fresnel lens, you can avoid accidents due to the children, pets and other low-lying objects in blind spot behind your vehicle while backing up. The lens can also be applied on a side window for larger vehicles to aviod squeeze accidents.

Feature of wide angle rear window fresnel lens
* Easily applied and removed by using water only.
* Easy installation on rear window of your vehicle.
* No tools required.
* No adhensive is needed, just use water only
* The lens is better working for vertical rear windows

How to install?
* Applying the quality lens to the inside of the rear window near the bottom edge.
* Making sure the window is clean, then getting it wet with water
* Applying the smooth side of lens on the inside of the window
* Removing air bubbles out of the interface between the window and the lens
* Holding firmly in place for a few seconds.
* The lens will turn crystal clear until be peeled off.
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